# My baby only 5month in blog.

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I hope that a lower secondary school students also can read this blog. So I write this blog


I wrote about my baby only 5 month in blog. But! But now! He has been 6 month birth day YEI!

His cry has meaning lately. He crys by strong voice,when We don't do about his wish ???

His cry voice and action also, changed little by little. But when I think about his action

and voice, I got my best partner! I've done it! Early I want go to the convenience store

with him,hold his hand and I want buy somethig,chocolate.

I think so alone.....HAPPY!!

If we went to the kinder shop, I wanted buy his nice design shoes. But that time

I didn't think about him always. (He can't walk yet !).....

Wife always said to me,...Still early. and actuality.

Really my mind are absorbed in by baby. And come back to my mind.

Now he begin the weaning food,open mouth and he press swiftly swiftly, and OH!

it's very dirty face by boild rice and boild vegetables,but I think that

his action is reliable !! Thank you! Miharu! Mama! I am big happy by you!

His sleeping face looks like ange! Very lovely! I want eat him really.

Really I like foolish parent...I comprehend now. HA HA HA !!

Ps; Wife always play to him,open hand and close hand. But today he could his hands,

( open and close )with smile.... BANZAI!!!!!

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He has been still only 5 month.

He has been still only 5 month. I can't look at his face almost in the daytime.

Only several minutes Ican.I call his name and in fun several times every day.

He looks at my face and watch it in tently.Perhaps he is waiting that I begin to talk and

I make in fun.And he always smile at me,and in a gentle voice to me.But he can't speak

clearly yet.If I am more young,I can give clear life and the future to him.I also get happy days

by him every day.(But I don't know how many year I can live with him.)

I com back home time,take a bath with him,and that time I always talking and kiss to him.

This is my personal contact (skinship) time and my heart will be melt.

Wife is young also. If I think about her and him life,I always mutter SORRY! in my heart.

I am deter mined to go to the her home-town(village) for her life and baby life.

Because I am afraid that time, I can't move my body or I can't speak. So

I am determined for my family. She has many brothers and sisters in the village,

and there babys also will be treat my family. Philippine family are kind.

I have no parents and I haven't heard from only one sister and I each other.

my home-town also same wife village. I think so. I want say THANK YOU ! to wife

and I get happy life by baby. Now then,....


I will hold out,TOMORROW TOO!!!